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Story of the
Haynes (UK) Limited

Haynes (UK) Limited have been part of the British corporate landscape since 1978, originally established by Mohammed Jusab Sacranie, a Malawian born professional expat who migrated to the United Kingdom in 1976. Having survived through changes in the marketplace, shifts in consumer preferences, and economic fluctuations, and having built a reputation for stability, reliability, quality and variety, he diligently passed the torch onto his children and in 2014 the various divisions amalgamated to create what we have today.

We have a strong brand image and a loyal customer base, built on a history of delivering high-quality products and services. We have established relationships with suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders in many industries, which provide a competitive advantage.

We offer a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience, gained through years of operation and adaptation to changing conditions. This can enable us to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in a way that inexperienced companies may struggle to do.

We’ve adapted to new technologies, attract younger and upcoming talent, and have avoided complacency or stagnation to remain competitive, we continue to innovate and evolve being leaders in our fields, while maintaining the values and traditions that have made us successful and we play a vital role in the economy, providing stability, expertise, and quality products and services to their customers and stakeholders.

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